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Official information storage mechanism (hereinafter - MSI) is a centralized software application for storing regulated information according to the Law no. 171 of 11 July 2012 on capital market (hereinafter - Law no. 171 of 11 July 2012), and for accessing this information by end-users.

The aim of MSI is to ensure transparency of information on the activity of reporting entities in order to protect the investors interests (shareholders) and to ensure the proper functioning of the market. Registration in MSI is mandatory for reporting entities and is carried out by assigning an access account on registration.

The homepage of MSI provides the following search categories:

1) name of the reporting entity that has published the regulated information;

2) date and time when information was forwarded;

3) title of the document;

4) type of information.

End-users access to regulated information stored in MSI website is free.